Bars and Pubs should look to award winning London Calling Coffee to enhance their coffee offering this Dry-January and beyond.

January is a time of lifestyle change for many people. From Dry-January to Vegan-uary, every year brings along a new start-of-year lifestyle craze. The popularity of these lifestyle changes poses an opportunity for pubs and bars to diversify their drink offering to cater to these demands by offering the perfect alternative option – the award winning, London Calling Coffee.

Dry-January doesn’t mean calling an end to all socialising, but it does encourage people to seek out alternative spaces and activities. Coffee is a natural replacement to booze as it invokes all the social elements that have traditionally revolved around alcohol. However, that doesn’t mean that bars and pubs should lose out, instead they should consider what else they could offer their customers.

Bars and pubs are already perfectly placed and designed for people to socialise, meet and work. With an award winning coffee offering from London Calling there is no reason for anyone to look anywhere else.

It is not just January where lifestyle changes are happening, with the liquid lunch having fallen out of fashion – it is over a coffee that the big business decisions are happening now. This trend is likely to continue with millennials increasingly shunning alcoholic drinks in favour of a caffeinated alternative. It is no longer enough to offer just ‘a coffee.’ Expect your customer to have an ever-increasing knowledge and appreciation of coffee and select yours to meet these expectations. Customers are looking for a quality offering just as they are for beers, wines and spirits. That is where London Calling Coffee comes in.

London Calling works with some of London’s leading bars in developing their coffee offering and training their baristas. With years of experience in the industry and a passion for everything caffeine, London Calling could help your business too.

London Calling Coffee Company can advise on and supply coffee making equipment to suit your needs. We also offer free training to your staff on how to make proper coffee and to maintain and clean your machines. Training can be conducted at your premises or at our purpose-built training room. We can work with you to find which of our coffee blends works best for your business and to develop your coffee menu further.

To find out more about what London Calling Coffee Company can do for your business contact or call us on +44 1707 278 400