Everyone tells you their coffee beans are the best, handpicked by dusky maidens in the high altitudes of the Andes and all ethical. B?#@*&%! They are more than likely bought from a trader in Borough market.

London Calling Coffee Company control every aspect of sourcing and grading our great quality coffees direct from the farmers and not some middle man. We perfect each blend by selecting the best bean characteristics for our coffees using fully qualified Q graders whose attention to detail is second to none.

Each blend is perfected using the optimum characteristics of each bean giving you a wonderfully balanced coffee. We want you to receive your coffee in perfect condition, which, is why we roast and pack our coffee beans daily and get them to you within a week of roasting, guaranteeing their freshness.

At London Calling Coffee Company we always want you to be serving great coffees. Using the right equipment is a very important part of producing a great espresso and a good barista should know how to clean and check their equipment, every day.

Our commitment to you is to ensure that your staff are always up to date with regular training sessions and auditing of your coffee settings and grind. We will also check your staff’s cleaning schedule to make sure your equipment is spotless. We will work with you to ensure that you have the right training for your business.